Course Linux/GIT/Hosting

Embark on a beginner-friendly Linux and GIT video course - Offering online training in GIT and Linux

In the Linux, GIT, and Hosting course, you'll start from the basics of navigating the Linux terminal. You'll master tasks like creating database backups, managing web hosting, and utilizing the GIT version control system.
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  • 29 lessons
  • 22 videos
  • 2 hours
  • Certificate

What you'll learn

In the first part of the Linux and GIT course lessons, you will learn how to work with hosting - from registering hosting and a domain for a site, to obtaining an SSL certificate for your site, thanks to which browsers will mark your site as secure and your site will be accessible via HTTPS.

In the Linux/GIT/Hosting lessons we will cover:

  • How to register a domain for a website
  • How to get free and paid hosting for your website
  • How website files are uploaded to hosting
  • Basics of working and administering the Linux operating system for programmers
  • How to work with the Linux terminal command line
  • What is SSH and how to connect via SSH to remote Linux servers
  • How to use the Nano editor in the terminal
  • Learn how to create and deploy database backups
  • What is GIT and why programmers around the world use it
  • Learn to work with GIT and learn the basic GIT commands
  • How to use the professional code editor PHPStorm and GIT

After you get acquainted with the Linux/GIT/Hosting course, we recommend moving on to programming the KinoMonster website using the PHP framework Codeigniter.


Explore the Linux and GIT for Beginners course outline, or dive directly into the specific hosting, Linux, or GIT lesson you're interested in.

Reviews (300)

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Инна Карамова
1 year ago
Отличный курс, но стоит рассказывать как сделать так, чтобы PHPStorm работал не только для гита)
Бексұлтан Тілеуберді
1 year ago
Very good!
1 year ago
Интересно, познавательно, доходчиво, увлекательно!!!
Мерей Өмірбек
2 years ago
Узнал полезную для себя информацию
Талантбек Жумаев
2 years ago
Отличный курс!!!
Алексей Владимирович Меньщиков
2 years ago
Очень интересно!!!
2 years ago
Иван Катков
2 years ago
Степан Сметанко
2 years ago
Артём Мириджанян
2 years ago
Курс просто супер!!!!
2 years ago
Крутой курс, мне понравилось
Ирина Сахарова
2 years ago
Очень полезный курс!!! Спасибо!


How is the training going?
The training is divided into video lectures, interactive tasks and tests. In video lectures you receive theoretical material and, with the help of interactive tasks, reinforce the theory in practice. You write code directly in the browser and instantly get the result of checking your code - whether it is correct or not. Almost every lesson has links to additional materials and source code.
When does the training start? Do I need to wait for the group to be full?
Will I receive a certificate after completing the course?
Why is the price so low?
Are the courses up-to-date?
What equipment is needed to take the course?
What should I do if I face difficulties during a task in training?
What is XP and why is it needed?
How can I participate in the rating?
I found your courses on other sites. Is there a difference in where I study?
What if the course is not suitable for me or I don't like it?
What should I do if my video lecture doesn't work or the assignment doesn't open?
If I still have questions regarding the course, who should I reach out to?


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Sergei Nikonov
  • Founder of the FructCode project
  • Boasts over 15 years of expertise in web development
  • Worked in large companies in the USA and Europe on high-load web projects
  • Led numerous in-person and online seminars on web development