Course Modern Javascript

Modern Javascript Programming Course

Master modern JavaScript in ES6, ES7, and ES8 versions. This knowledge is essential for proficiency in frameworks like ReactJS, VueJS, and server technologies like NodeJS. This course is your gateway to advanced JavaScript.
4.6 / 34
  • 30 lessons
  • 16 videos
  • 1 hour

What you'll learn

With the advent of ES6, JavaScript underwent a noticeable transformation. New keywords like 'let', 'const', and 'class', among others, emerged, enhancing the language's syntax. In this course, you'll delve into the fresh features of Modern JavaScript through engaging interactive exercises.

Modern JavaScript Lessons Cover:

  • Distinguishing modern JavaScript ES6+ from classic JavaScript ES5
  • Unraveling the role of BabelJS and its significance
  • Understanding why modern frontend frameworks and libraries favor JavaScript ES6+
  • Getting acquainted with NodeJS and the NPM package manager
  • Exploring the integration of modern JavaScript in backend web applications
  • Grasping the essence of Webpack and its functionalities
  • Mastering Webpack configuration for ES6+ JavaScript programming
  • Leveraging NodeJS in web projects
  • Getting updates on the latest in modern JavaScript
  • Discerning the distinctions between 'let' and 'var'
  • Working with Spread Operators
  • Understanding Arrow Functions
  • Harnessing the power of Template Literals for simplified code syntax
  • Utilizing constants effectively
  • Creating classes in Modern JavaScript

JavaScript is an essential language not just for Frontend developers, but also for Backend developers engaged in server-side website programming. Upon completing this Modern JavaScript course, consider advancing to the VueJS framework course for a comprehensive skill set.


Reviews (15)

Oльга VB
6 years ago
Сергей, спасибо! Курс действительно доступный для изучения новичкам. Весь, кстати, от начала до конца, все блоки.
Иван Лыткин
6 years ago
Мне очень понравился курс от Сергея - респект
Николай Николаев
6 years ago
Отличный курс, спасибо!
Дмитрий Кохан
6 years ago
Хороший курс... Единственное - хотелось бы побольше практики!
Максим Кутявин
6 years ago
Спасибо, буду ждать новых заданий.
Эдуард Иловайский
6 years ago
Курс очень полезен, как дополнение. Но короткий, поэтому надеемся на выход дополнительных уроков.
Иван Смирнов
6 years ago
Курс неплохой, но на данный момент (31.10.18) неполный. Жду продолжения!
6 years ago
Спасибо за курс! Очень интересно, жду продолжения. Пробовал изучать React с начальными знаниями ES5, не понимал "вкусности" ecmascript 6, сейчас все понятно!
Денис Куртусов
6 years ago
Интерактивные задания и темы по современному javascript проходил с большим интересом. Спасибо!
Руслан Грицак
6 years ago
Мне очень понравилось!!!
6 years ago
Антон Горбенко
6 years ago
Отличный курс! Я достаточно поверхностно знаком с классическим Javascript и не думал, что так увлекусь Modern Javascript. Примеры огонь! Скорее бы продолжение!


How is the training going?
The training is divided into video lectures, interactive tasks and tests. In video lectures you receive theoretical material and, with the help of interactive tasks, reinforce the theory in practice. You write code directly in the browser and instantly get the result of checking your code - whether it is correct or not. Almost every lesson has links to additional materials and source code.
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What if the course is not suitable for me or I don't like it?
What should I do if my video lecture doesn't work or the assignment doesn't open?
If I still have questions regarding the course, who should I reach out to?


Сергей Никонов. Автор курса программирования HTML/CSS | FructCode
Sergei Nikonov
  • Founder of the FructCode project
  • Boasts over 15 years of expertise in web development
  • Worked in large companies in the USA and Europe on high-load web projects
  • Led numerous in-person and online seminars on web development

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