Engage in an interactive course for building HTML and CSS websites from the ground up. Experience online HTML training at its best.

In this HTML and CSS video course, you'll acquire the skills to design responsive HTML pages. Through a series of lessons, you'll build your own KinoMonster portal, learning how to apply HTML and CSS techniques that work seamlessly on both computers and mobile devices.
4.9 / 4920
  • 65 lessons
  • 32 videos
  • 5 hours
  • Certificate

What you'll learn

Start learning HTML and CSS layout from scratch and you will learn how to effectively build learning the basics of HTML and CSS and learn how to create websites from scratch.

In HTML and CSS lessons you will learn:

  • Basics of website layout (html and css)
  • How to use HTML tags div, span, p, ul, li and others
  • What is CSS (cascading style sheets) for and learn about CSS properties
  • How to use CSS properties margin, position, padding, color, background and others
  • What is adaptive layout
  • How to make a website layout
  • How to use the developer tools in the Google Chrome browser
  • What is a viewport and how to use it
  • How to create a comments section on a website
  • How to embed a video in an html page
  • How to change the website layout in the browser
  • How to link HTML pages together
  • How to design a menu on a website

Layout of html pages (website layout) refers to the Frontend part of the development of a professional website. There are a large number of vacancies open for Frontend developers and Frontend developers are highly valued in the labor market around the world.

Go through the interactive tasks and you will see that anyone can master the layout of html pages from scratch and become a front-end developer. After completing the HTML/CSS course, we recommend taking the layout course Bootstrap 3 or Bootstrap 4.

You can also take the new in-depth course HTML/CSS Advanced, where you can learn more theory, as well as layout rules for promoting websites in search engines.


The training program comprises video lessons covering HTML and CSS. Additionally, it incorporates interactive tests and assignments designed to reinforce your knowledge in HTML, CSS programming, and website creation (website layout).

Reviews (3366)

Please share your feedback after completing the Course on creating HTML/CSS websites from scratch.
Yerbol Tulakbayev
5 months ago
Курс по HTML/CSS превзошел мои ожидания. Преподаватель и материалы обеспечили четкое понимание основ веб-разработки. Практические задания и проекты помогли углубить знания. Огромное благодарность Сергею Никонову.
Nuriddin Sapbekov
6 months ago
Прекрасный курс
Анастасия Кукуруза
7 months ago
Начинала курс с 0. Все четко, грамотно и доступно! Очень довольна, что нашла этот курс. Спасибо!!!
Євген Ісіченко
8 months ago
Отличный учитель, мне понравилось. Но для новичка нужно сразу добавлять объяснение CSS например что как и в каких вариантах, а то иногда сложно сразу понять что куда. Но в целом на 8/10
Dan Perciun
8 months ago
Все очень хорошо разложено, от и до для всех, спасибо за знания!
Сағындық Сәрсенбай
8 months ago
Отличный курс для начинающего. Многому научился.
Aliia Ozieva
8 months ago
kirill prasolov
9 months ago
Спасибо, очень полезный курс. Буду вас рекламировать.
Danial Uakhitzhanov
9 months ago
Очень круто! Получил много опыта, буду скором времени использовать полученные знания на опыте.
Юля Сперанская
10 months ago
Отличный курс, спасибо за принципиальную позицию по отношению к россии
10 months ago
Здравствуйте! Курс хороший, но есть места где мало уделено внимание таким вещам как медиа-запросы, не помню что насчёт других т.к старался дальше сам что-то доучивать, а в основном курс классный!
Anton Zai
11 months ago
Дуже дякую за хороші курси


How is the training going?
The training is divided into video lectures, interactive tasks and tests. In video lectures you receive theoretical material and, with the help of interactive tasks, reinforce the theory in practice. You write code directly in the browser and instantly get the result of checking your code - whether it is correct or not. Almost every lesson has links to additional materials and source code.
When does the training start? Do I need to wait for the group to be full?
Will I receive a certificate after completing the course?
Why is the price so low?
Are the courses up-to-date?
What equipment is needed to take the course?
What should I do if I face difficulties during a task in training?
What is XP and why is it needed?
How can I participate in the rating?
I found your courses on other sites. Is there a difference in where I study?
What if the course is not suitable for me or I don't like it?
What should I do if my video lecture doesn't work or the assignment doesn't open?
If I still have questions regarding the course, who should I reach out to?


Сергей Никонов. Автор курса программирования HTML/CSS | FructCode
Sergei Nikonov
  • Founder of the FructCode project
  • Boasts over 15 years of expertise in web development
  • Worked in large companies in the USA and Europe on high-load web projects
  • Led numerous in-person and online seminars on web development

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