Course Bootstrap 3

Interactive Bootstrap Website Layout Course - Learn Website Layout Design

Bootstrap 3, a widely-used CSS framework, simplifies website creation by providing a range of pre-built components. Dive into Bootstrap lessons and discover how effortlessly you can design a website.
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  • 50 lessons
  • 25 videos
  • 4 hours
  • Certificate

What you'll learn

Bootstrap is a CSS framework with ready-made CSS classes and html/jquery components, with the help of which you can very quickly create a website interface that can adapt to mobile devices.

In Bootstrap lessons you will learn:

  • What is Grid-system and how to position blocks on the site
  • How to quickly design a website using Bootstrap
  • How to make a horizontal and vertical menu
  • What components exist in Bootstrap
  • How to embed a responsive video player on a website
  • How to insert a picture on a page and make it responsive
  • How to quickly create an image carousel on a website

Bootstrap layout lessons are built in such a way that you can create the basis of a website framework in just a few Bootstrap lessons!

With the help of Bootstrap, website layout becomes similar to assembling a constructor from parts. In just a few minutes you can embed the following popular components into your website: Adaptive horizontal menu, beautiful buttons, html forms with additional elements, progress bar, product catalog and much more!

Creating websites on Bootstrap refers to Frontend (frontend) and specialists with knowledge of Bootstrap are valued in the labor market. After completing the Bootstrap course, we recommend taking the course PHP/MySQL.


The program comprises video tutorials covering the Bootstrap framework. It also incorporates interactive tests and lessons on Bootstrap layout, providing a comprehensive understanding of Bootstrap programming and website creation

Reviews (1264)

Reviews for the Bootstrap Framework Course. Please share your feedback after completing the Bootstrap coding course.
Сағындық Сәрсенбай
9 months ago
Alexey Sereda
10 months ago
Курс очень интересный! Но однако мало внимания уделено некоторым темам, и самое бесячее это интерактивный тренажер, с которым постоянно идет борьба с форматированием кода! 80% времени идет на исправление форматирования, что бы 1 в 1 как в решении, хотя код правильный!
Михаил Чернов
1 year ago
Хороший курс для начинающих!
1 year ago
Очень понравилось!
Олег Вонсяк
1 year ago
Супер для начинающих программистов дизайнеров. Курс предоставляет наглядное содержание различных вариантов верстки. Информации достаточно для начала собственного проекта сайта. После прохождения курса становятся ясными направления дальнейшей проработки этой интереснейшей темы.
Vitali Clicev
1 year ago
Все отлично!
Yevgeniya Kozlovskaya
1 year ago
Очень доступный и понятный курс, с грамотными отсылками к официальной документации.
Aleh Shulhan
1 year ago
В целом курс понравился, если не брать во внимание, что он очень компактный. Не очень удобно делать задания, потому что нужно попасть точка в точку с исходным кодом, даже если твой вариант работает, но ты использовал лишний пробел, ответ не принимает.
Roman Stepanenko
1 year ago
Всё круто
1 year ago
Очень интересно ёмко и познавательно!
Tyn Bek
1 year ago
Курс очень хороший. Дает основные понятия и практический опыт применения полученных знаний, построением сайта с нуля, шаг за шагом. Заниматься можно в любое время. Можно переходить к Bootstrap 4-5.
Ядыгар Эрешов
1 year ago
Как всегда все четко обьясняется, что позволяет все понимать и осознать без труда! Отличный курс!


How is the training going?
The training is divided into video lectures, interactive tasks and tests. In video lectures you receive theoretical material and, with the help of interactive tasks, reinforce the theory in practice. You write code directly in the browser and instantly get the result of checking your code - whether it is correct or not. Almost every lesson has links to additional materials and source code.
When does the training start? Do I need to wait for the group to be full?
Will I receive a certificate after completing the course?
Why is the price so low?
Are the courses up-to-date?
What equipment is needed to take the course?
What should I do if I face difficulties during a task in training?
What is XP and why is it needed?
How can I participate in the rating?
I found your courses on other sites. Is there a difference in where I study?
What if the course is not suitable for me or I don't like it?
What should I do if my video lecture doesn't work or the assignment doesn't open?
If I still have questions regarding the course, who should I reach out to?


Сергей Никонов. Автор курса программирования HTML/CSS | FructCode
Sergei Nikonov
  • Founder of the FructCode project
  • Boasts over 15 years of expertise in web development
  • Worked in large companies in the USA and Europe on high-load web projects
  • Led numerous in-person and online seminars on web development

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