Course Javascript/jQuery

Engage in an interactive mini-course on Javascript and jQuery starting from scratch

Delve into our Javascript/jQuery mini-course designed to introduce you to working with the DOM using Javascript ES5 and jQuery. This course is tailored for beginners, but a basic understanding of HTML/CSS is recommended.
4.5 / 1585
  • 21 lessons
  • 10 videos
  • 1 hour
  • Certificate

What you'll learn

Enhance the interactivity and liveliness of your website interface with website development in Javascript and jQuery.

These are the very basics of Javascript for beginners, learning Javascript from scratch. The Javascript and jQuery video courses provide programming examples in Javascript and jQuery.

In Javascript/jQuery lessons you will learn:

  • What is Javascript and how is it used
  • Basic syntax of classic Javascript (ES5)
  • How to use variables in Javascript
  • What types of loops are there in Javascript and what are they for
  • What are arrays and how to work with arrays in Javascript
  • What is JSON
  • Functions for working with strings and arrays in Javascript
  • How to create your own functions
  • How to create and process events when a button is clicked
  • How to change CSS styles when a button is clicked
  • What is the jQuery library
  • How to embed jQuery in an html page

The Javascript language is studied not only by Frontend developers, but also by Backend developers to program the server side of websites. After completing the mini-course on the basics of Javascript and jQuery, we recommend taking Modern Javascript Lessons (ES6, ES7, ES8).


The Javascript/JQuery mini course plan encompasses Javascript lessons (videos), Javascript tests, and interactive Javascript tasks directly in the browser

Reviews (668)

Reviewing feedback on Javascript/jQuery lessons will provide you with insights about the course before delving into the video lessons
Никита Рябикин
2 years ago
Очень быстро прошел мини-курс, правда задания были очень для меня просты. Буду пробовать применять поученные знания.
Ilya Rebrov
2 years ago
Топ курсы всем советую
Лев Баллин
2 years ago
Евгений Заволока
2 years ago
Спасибо за понятный и простой для восприятия курс Javascript/jQuery
Владислав Симутин
2 years ago
Спасибо очень полезные курсы!
Дмитрий Лазарчук
2 years ago
Эта часть отличная. Все очень понятно
Сергей Сирик
2 years ago
Хороший курс, хотя хотелось бы побольше!
Фахриябону Мирзаева
2 years ago
Все на простом и на понятном.
Денис Гиренко
2 years ago
Очень познавательно!
Рома Корегин
2 years ago
Курс неполный, не рассмотрены типы данных в JS, но база для новичка , то что нужно. Из плюсов рассказали что такое DOM, циклы и jQuery, и как работать с ним.
Влад Кадатских
2 years ago
Отличный курс который познакомит вас с основами JS и JQuery
Sergey Frolov
2 years ago
Доступно и просто!


How is the training going?
The training is divided into video lectures, interactive tasks and tests. In video lectures you receive theoretical material and, with the help of interactive tasks, reinforce the theory in practice. You write code directly in the browser and instantly get the result of checking your code - whether it is correct or not. Almost every lesson has links to additional materials and source code.
When does the training start? Do I need to wait for the group to be full?
Will I receive a certificate after completing the course?
Why is the price so low?
Are the courses up-to-date?
What equipment is needed to take the course?
What should I do if I face difficulties during a task in training?
What is XP and why is it needed?
How can I participate in the rating?
I found your courses on other sites. Is there a difference in where I study?
What if the course is not suitable for me or I don't like it?
What should I do if my video lecture doesn't work or the assignment doesn't open?
If I still have questions regarding the course, who should I reach out to?


Сергей Никонов. Автор курса программирования HTML/CSS | FructCode
Sergei Nikonov
  • Founder of the FructCode project
  • Boasts over 15 years of expertise in web development
  • Worked in large companies in the USA and Europe on high-load web projects
  • Led numerous in-person and online seminars on web development

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